We offer a Dutch Legal Master on Internet, Intellectual Property & ICT. This Master is a full-time, one-year graduate programme, organized as a specialized track in the framework of the VU Master of Laws (LLM).

The main and obligatory courses are Current Issues in Internet Law (12 ECTS, per. 1-2, in Dutch)  and Intellectual Property Law in the Information Society (6 ECTS, per. 5, in Dutch).

We also offer a master course on Telecommunication and Media Law (6 ECTS, per. 2, in Dutch).

In addition we offer several other courses in the VU Master of Laws, both Dutch and English.


International Intellectual Property Law (per. 4, 6 ECTS), Cybercrime and Cybersecurity (per. 4, 6 ECTS) and International Businesses and Internet: Contracting, Privacy, Security (per. 4, 6 ECTS), [E-commerce Law] (per. 5, 6 ECTS)


Copyright Law (per. 1, 6 ECTS), Privacy & Security (per. 3, 6 ECTS), Industrial Property Law (per. 4, 6 ECTS)

In addition to these master courses we offer the English B3-course on Internet Governance (per. 1, 6 ECTS),  and a Dutch course on Cybercrime (per. 3, 3 ECTS).